Monthly Archives: January 2020


GoEmed is a Healthcare portal that facilitates the users to store their Health records from different clinics/ Hospitals/ Physicians in one place. Members can share their records online with the Physicians for consultation. Members can order their lab tests for a very affordable price. Here are the initial high-level user stories:
• Health record Management
• Affordable Labs, Imaging & Medicines
• HIPPA compliance
• Multifactor Authentication
• Secured patient record keeping
• Telemedicine
• Insurance needs
• View and sharing capability of Imaging documents (CT Scan, MRI scan etc.)

The Quadyster team worked with the customer to develop an application and host on AWS using the following technology and services:
• Online Web application using API Gateway, Lambda, EBS, S3, PHP, HTML5, Bootstrap, Angular JS, Python, JIRA
• Deployed in AWS environment using Agile methodology
• DevOps CI / CD
• Automated notifications
• Automated data storage
• Version control using GitLab
This customer is in the health care business and, after the GoLive of the product, the Quadyster team will continue with the support of the application.