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Dev Ops

DevOps Introduction: Introduction to DevOps and how it helps in IT delivery
Continuous Integration & Delivery: CI/CD and feedback loop

DevOps Tools and Processes: Various processes and tools used with the methodology


Introduction: Introduction to Python and its ecosystem
Setup: Python environment setup. PyCharm IDE and Standard Workspace setup
Strings: String Methods, Slices, Formatting and Internationalization
Lists: For-in, Range, Looping and List Methods

Dict & Files: Dict Hashtable, File Operations
Reg Ex: Regular Expressions Intro. Python Reg Ex
Misc: Standard Library. Relevant OS Frameworks and Libraries
Resources: Collection of resources on the Web

Linux Command Line

Linux shell introduction
Basic command line: Basic Operations, Working with Files, Software Installation
Linux File System: File System Architecture, Comparing Files, Data Backup & Compression

Text Editors:  vi, nano.
Security: Linux Security, root Privileges, sudo
Text Manipulation: cat, echo, sed, awk, grep
Process Management: Process Attributes, Metrics and Process Control

Bash Shell Scripting

Fundamentals: Introduction. Basic Components of a shell script
Variables and Parameters: Dynamic Data with Variables and Paraneters
Input Transformation: Pattern Matchine, Command Substitution
Tools - sed, awk, grep etc: Text Manipulation with sed, awk and grep

Conditionals: Looping, Iteration and conditionals
Functions: Function definition and usage
Examples: Scripts used in real Production environments


Version Control: Traditional Version Control Systems and Distributed Version Control
Git Introduction: Basic Git commands and structure

Git for Source Code Management: Branches, Tagging
 Managing source for teams using Github
Release Management: Release Management Strategies with Git/Github


Ansible and Config Management: Introduction to Ansible and Configuration Management

Git for Source Code Management: Branches, Tagging
 Managing source for teams using Github
Release Management: Release Management Strategies with Git/Github


Jenkins Introduction: Jenkins history, evolution
Continuous Integration & Delivery: How Jenkins is used to automate CI/CD processes

Job Automation: Jenkins Jobs and Automation
Jenkins Pipelines: New Jenkins 2.0 Pipelines feature


Infrastructure as Code: IaC and Terraform
Terraform in-depth: Providers, Provisioners and Modules

Remote Backends: Terraform backends with S3 and Consul
Terraform and Cloud: Provisiong Infrastructure in the cloud with Terraform


Docker Introduction
Docker in-depth: Images, Volumes, Networking, Multi-stage builds

Docker Compose: Services with Docker Compose
Docker and Cloud: AWS ECS as an orchestration platform for docker containers


Container Orchestration: Container Orchestration and why Kubernetes shines

Kubernetes in-depth: K8s Objects in-depth
Kubernetes & Cloud: AWS Fargate and Kubernetes support

ELK Stack

Distributed Logging: How distributed logging helps
Elastic Search: Concepts, Provisioning and Usage

Kibana: How to use Kibana, develop dahsboards and reports
Logstash and Filebeat: Ingest data into ES with Logstash and Filebeat