Cloud Services

At QUADYSTER Cloud Services, our mission is to create solutions that are accessible from anywhere, on any device, by anyone, and by any number of users. Our AWS and Azure certified professionals will ensure that the systems designed are Cloud optimized and efficient, providing highly reliable systems at low operational costs. Our professionals have over 80 years of combined experience in implementing and managing large scale complex production systems and can assist you in a variety of strategic initiative.

Services Offered

Assess and Define Cloud Migration Strategy

Commercial Cloud environments offer elasticity and reliability that cannot be matched by a traditional Data Center setup. By utilizing commercial Cloud offerings from AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google, organizations can leverage large scale infrastructure with little to no upfront costs. Regardless of your exposure to Cloud, our certified professionals will work with you to access and define a road map to set up new Cloud operations or migrate existing operations to Cloud.

Set Up and Manage Public, Private, and Hybrid Cloud

We will work with you to define and provision the right size and to set-up the appropriate environment depending on your needs.

IoT and Big Data Solutions

IoT and Big Data deployments require large scale infrastructure and in-depth technical expertise. Cloud offering simplify infrastructure and technical expertise that is needed for IoT and Big Data solutions (unsure of what this sentence is trying to say). Industry’s proven IoT and Big Data Cloud offering can be quickly configured to enable IoT solutions to derive hidden value from your data.

Application Scalability and Performance

About 80% of today’s production systems are not designed to handle business growth, leading to performance issues. We will analyze and tune existing systems to scale as your business grows to optimize performance. 

Migrate Existing Systems to Cloud

Most legacy systems are designed for single instance deployment. They do not scale up during peak usage and consume resources while remaining idle. Organizations can save thousands of dollars by optimizing systems to be Cloud efficient, while maintaining a system that is highly scalable and reliable. If needed, existing systems can be migrated ‘as-is’ to take advantage of Cloud reliability.


Solution Architecture and Implementation

Our certified Solution Architects assist in designing solutions to take advantage of Cloud based services and infrastructure, to ensure the solutions created take advantage of the latest and greatest technologies while reducing maintenance costs.

Database and Storage Migration

Cloud based RDS (Relational Database Services) and NoSQL offer unparalleled scalability and reliability, while eliminating the need for in-house administrators. Depending on your need, we will work with you to develop RDS strategy and services to configure and migrate existing Databases to Cloud. If you are not ready to migrate Database services to Cloud, you can take advantage of Cloud based storage solutions to reduce cost while providing reliability.